How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

How to Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Hair extensions can give you stunning, long, luscious tresses in a matter of minutes and instantly enhance your overall appearance. Maintaining them, however, can be challenging and time-consuming. Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring that your hair extensions have a natural look. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you lengthen the lifespan of your hair extensions:

  1. Brush Your Hair Frequently

Hair extensions can easily be tangled. That is why it is so necessary to brush your hair regularly. Make sure you brush your hair extensions twice a day, typically before a shower. Use a brush with nylon bristles to brush from bottom up to avoid any tangles.

  1. Only Wash Extensions When Needed

Depending on how often you use them, hair extensions only require washing every 30-35 days. Unlike natural hair, hair extensions do not produce oils to keep strands moisturised. Make sure you use an alcohol and sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to gently restore the shine of your extensions.

  1. Take Them Off While You Sleep or During a Workout

A strenuous workout can entangle your hair extensions and cause them to lose their lustre. Sleeping with extensions can also cause damage. The added sweat and friction could also lead to bacteria build-up, knots and split ends. Make sure you always take off your hair extensions before working out or sleeping.

  1. Use Protective Hair Serum

To avoid breakage and damage to your extensions, use a protective hair serum regularly that will keep them looking soft and natural. Try to avoid using products with sulphate chemicals and alcohol.

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