Top 5 Bridal Hair Styles With Best Professional Hair Extensions

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When it comes to bridal hairstyles, our hair deserves much attention. You may want a traditional hairstyle or a contemporary look. A beautiful hairstyle can make any bride look more special than they already are. But getting the hairstyle correct and flawless is not always easy. 

That is where hair extensions come. With the proper installation of hair extensions, you can give your hair the extra boost of beauty and grace for the Big Day. 

How Extensions Make Bridal Hairstyles Classy?

A bridal hairstyle is not just about any hairdo and adorns it with flowers. Modern women love hairstyles that can reflect their personality and outfit too. But not every woman is gifted with naturally long and voluminous hair. Thus hair extensions can prove really helpful when you want the hair to look fabulous for special occasions.

So before we see the best bridal hairstyles with hair extensions, let’s discuss the need for extensions.

  • Add Length as You Like- With the help of the best clip-in extensions or other types of extensions, you can add length and depth to your hair as much as you want. It does not matter if the bride has short hair. Human hair extensions make your hair feel and look natural and blend perfectly. Depending upon your natural hair length you need to choose the suitable length of the extension for any type of hairstyle. One must remember to buy extensions that are neither too long nor too short for the actual hair.
  • Choose Coloured Hair- Since colouring your hair will damage it and make it rough, why not get coloured hair extensions? Many hair extension manufacturers have a separate range of cooured extensions. You can choose from the shades of browns, blondes or reds that suit your natural hair texture. You can also get hair extensions for adding subtle or contrast highlights to your natural hair. Colours add layers and define the hair texture. So if you plan to get coloured hair bun or braids for your wedding, get extensions instead of damaging your own hair.
  • More Volume for Fuller Looks- Your hair might be long and smooth, but lack of volume can make it look dull. With more volume you can actually make your bun or braids appear bigger and attractive. People who suffer from constant hair loss condition must buy human hair online in India before they try any new hairstyles. 
  • Wear Them with Ease- One of the best things about extensions is that they are super easy to put on. You do not need a professional hairstylist all the time to wear a hair extension. When you buy an extension that matches your natural hair colour and texture, it will blend smoothly. This makes it a great option for various bridal hairstyles. You can create just the desirable look wearing an extension in no time.

5 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles with Extensions

Now that you know why extensions help you achieve the desirable hairstyle, it is time to know about some of the most elegant bridal hairstyles.

Here are the 5 top bridal hairstyles you can try for your special day.

  • Messy braids with flowers- The very popular messy braids are quite a trendsetter. You can try this look with a haldi or mehendi ceremony. A long and voluminous clip-in extension will just do the wonder for your hair. All you need to do is get the extension properly set before creating the messy braid. To finish it up, fix flowers like mogras or orchids to decorate the hairdo. 
  • Messy bun with tiara- A round but somewhat messy bun hairstyle is best for brides with wavy hair or curly hair. You can get an embellished tiara to create a queen-like hairstyle for a royal wedding vibe. The main trick is to choose the right type of hair extension that will match your natural curls or waves.
  • Floral braids- The traditional floral braids with lots of gajra is a typical wedding hairstyle that is loved by many women. But achieving the perfect depth of floral braids is easy and more appealing with fabulous hair extensions. You can get keratin hair extensions to add an extra smooth and silky texture to your hair. The more manageable your hair is; the better your floral braid will be.
  • Open hair with locks- Especially for the reception party, open hair looks create the best statement. Adding extra hairpieces you can show off your beautiful hair as they cascade down your shoulder. 
  • Mermaid or fishtail braids- If your wedding party's all about having fun, getting a mermaid or fishtail braid will be just epic. It is easy to create and with few hair extensions, you can give more layers and depth to your natural hair. This hairstyle looks great when you add beads or other hair accessories to highlight the hairdo.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to look like a princess and not just a bride, hair extensions can glam you up the right way. To buy Indian human hair online, browse through the widest collections of hair extensions by Juttu Hair Extensions. 

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