How to Give your Boring Hair a Fresh Look?

Flaunting a head full of thick healthy hair is a matter of pride and beauty for any human being. However, it sometimes happens due to illness or genetic reasons that some of us may lose some or most of the hairs which may cause baldness .in that case people use artificial hair made from original human hair.

What is the best place to buy hair extensions?

In the world of artificial tresses Indian weave hair has a special place. it is believed that the Indian human hair has a premium quality due to the genetic reasons and the haircut tricks used by Indians Indian hair easy to style. Most of the Indian weave hair is outsourced from various temples in India due to the age old tradition of shaving of head when something they pray for becomes true. One of the largest sellers of human hair in India is the Tirumala temple from Southern India.

The different types of Indian hair extensions

So as the best place to buy hair extensions, India offers mainly three different categories - straight, curly and Wavy. However there are only two varieties of colour black and the Brown. Indian hair has a very good texture and has the quality to blend easily with the original hair and they are lightweight too. So it is very suitable for all types of people - for those who have baldness due to genetic reasons or those who have lost their hair due to any illness.

When you want to select human hair extensions it is better to select a good quality paying a bit higher price. There are currently many types of hair extensions available some are full cuticle and unprocessed and they are called the virgin hair and some are chemically processed and they are called the Remy hair. However, if you purchase the cheap varieties which mean the non Remy, non virgin or non human hair, they tend to get tangled in a few days of use. So the customer has to buy a new set again.

How to make your hair extensions last longer?

Human hair extensions need care and careful use. They must be cleaned, brushed and also needs to be shampooed at certain intervals. Also if you are using curly or the wavy variety then the hair must be kept braided and tied up so that the hair doesn't tangle and lose the wavy property.

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