Top 7 characteristics of Remy hair

In recent years, more and more people have started using hair extensions. Some of them use it as a necessity, while some use it as a fashionable item. There are many hair extensions available in the market. Remy hair extensions are one of them. Remy hair extensions come with a broad range of qualities. They are usually tangle-free, shed less than others, affordable, and have a longer life.

Virgin Remy human hair or Raw/Unprocessed extensions are the most popular types of human extensions on the market due to their exceptional quality and value. Virgin Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike non-Remy hair extensions. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions. Virgin Remy human hair is ethically sourced from south indian temples, the cuticles are all completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew. This provides a natural look, feel, and smooth texture that is comparable to one’s hair.

Generally, most hair that is termed as Virgin Remy comes from South Indian women who donate their hair in a sacred ceremony to their deities. This type of hair is usually virgin hair. This means that the hair has never been altered and remains in its natural state.

Unlike Remy varieties of hair, non-Remy has multiple no of peoples hair mixed together and the cuticles are removed chemically, so they have to be sealed to prevent them from catching onto one another. Better than completely synthetic hair, this type of hair has enough human hair mixed with synthetic hair to make it manageable and natural-looking than completely synthetic ones. This usually lasts only about one or two washes.

Virgin Remy hair extensions are the ideal extensions if you want to change your style through dying, straightening, and other chemical processes.

Types of Virgin Remy human hair extensions

While these hair extensions are available in curly, wavy, and straight varieties there are two main types to choose from. Virgin Remy hair is sourced from donors who have never dyed their hair or have been subjected to any straightening treatments. Non-Remy extensions are of the same quality but have been dyed or straightened at some point in time. This means that they have gone through some kind of chemical processing during the manufacturing process of becoming an extension. The first variety is more expensive owing to its quality. Extensions can be purchased based on ethnicity as well because they come from worldwide donors.

Here a few reasons why Virgin Remy hair extensions with cuticles aligned have the edge over other extensions


The problem with non-Remy hair extensions is that they get tangled often. Since the cuticles are not aligned, the strands bunch and knot constantly. Within less than a day, non-Remy hair extensions will begin to look like permanent patches of bedhead on the scalp. On the other hand, Remy hair extensions are tangle-free. You just need to comb the extensions and you are ready.

Better lifespan

Since non-Remy extensions are heavily treated with chemicals, they have a short lifespan and tend to break rapidly. When compared to non-Remy hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair extensions can last 3 to 4 years, If you follow all the care instructions.

Low maintenance

Unlike other hair extensions, Virgin Remy hair extensions don’t need any extra maintenance. You can keep them healthy by just brushing them regularly and washing them with a good quality product. Virgin Remy hair can be washed, dyed, and styled like your normal hair and it can also sustain heat.You don’t need to do anything really different from your normal hair care routine. The only thing you should avoid is sleeping while the hair extensions are still wet.

Worth the price

Compared to other synthetic extensions, Virgin Remy hair extensions are worth the price as they offer a range of benefits, making them more of an investment.

More options

Since Virgin Remy human hair extensions can be treated, you can change your style and color whenever you want. Other synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed and lose their shine in a few days while Virgin Remy hair extensions retain their gloss even after a year or two. Virgin Remy hair extensions are incredibly flexible so that you can try different hairstyles without damaging your hair.

Heat and color-friendly

Non-Remy extensions are treated with harsh chemicals because of which they are unable to withstand coloring or heat styling. Virgin Remy extensions can handle any style, right from blonde, straight or curly. It is durable and will fit in any style. Concerning heat and temperature, it can withstand high temperatures just like your regular hair.

More natural

Since Virgin Remy hair extensions are made of genuine ethically sourced human hair, it blends easily with your hair and will look natural. The strands will blend better and can be subjected to any kind of treatment. Its overall texture helps to improve your chosen hairstyle.


Change your look with high-quality permanent extensions. If you want to get hair extensions but are unsure of which one to choose from contact Tirumala extensions for professional help. We sell 100% virgin Remy Indian human hair. Our professionals will help you choose the best human hair extensions that best suits your needs. 

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