5 Easy Tips To Extend The Life and Charmness of Your Hair Extensions

5 Easy Tips To Extend The Life and Charmness of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent choice if you'd like to add length, volume and style to your locks. They're expensive, so you'll want them to last as long as possible! Buy quality, 100% human hair extensions. Cheap ones won't stay beautiful for long. Investing in good extensions will also ensure their longevity! Following these tips will help keep your extensions looking great for years to come!

The proper home care

The right care for hair extensions is vital for them to last as long as possible. The proper way to brush them is by gathering the hair together and stacking all the wefts on top of each other. Then, you should brush the entire extension from the bottom to the top, separating the individual bonds as you go. 

Use a brush specially made for hair extensions. Use shampoo that's free from alcohol and has pH-balanced moisturizing quality. It's better to use water and not harsh soap to avoid damaging the adhesives. You should only wash your hair with this shampoo once every other day.

Replace extensions habitually

Frequency of wear, the amount of product used, and the way you take care of them will determine the lifespan of your extensions. Generally, good quality extensions like virgin remy last between six months to two years. The older the hair extensions are, the more likely they are to become damaged or caked with product. To maximize the life and charm of your hair extensions, it is important to replace them regularly.

Don't use too many products

Using too many products can shorten the life of your hair extensions. Try to avoid over-washing, which will result in dry and damaged extensions. The more you wash your hair, the more you must wash your hair extensions, which will reduce their charm. Also, products from your natural hair can easily travel to your hair extensions when you move your head or use heat.

Avoid using too many styling products on your hair extensions. These products can clog your hair extensions, making them prone to breakage. However, it is vital that you use your judgment in using these products. For best results, stick to one product per section of your hair.

Only wash extensions when necessary

Only wash your hair extensions when you really need to. This can help prolong the life and charm of your hair extensions. Make sure to brush out your extensions before washing them to reduce the risk of breakage. Always remember that hair is weakest when it is wet, so brushing out your extensions before washing will reduce breakage and shedding. However, you should brush your hair extensions gently after they are 90% dry. Always start from the tip and work your way up. 

Install your extensions correctly

While hair extensions can be beautiful, you must know how to install them properly. Many experts recommend that you hire a professional hair extensions stylist. You shouldn't attempt to do it yourself. The best way to install hair extensions is to consult with a professional, as a bad installation can damage your natural hair.

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