Guidelines for Buying Top Quality Hair Extensions

Want to increase hair length and volume? The best way to do it would be with hair extensions. You can glue, clip or fuse real or synthetic hair to the existing hair strands to switch from short hair to long hair or vice versa in a matter of few minutes. You can get a wide variety of hair extensions at the Indian hair shop. Choose the hair extension according to the type, size, or color of hair you prefer. Given below are some points you need to keep in mind while buying hair extensions.

Hair type

Hair extensions are available in various types based on the shade, length and quality. You can choose from wavy, curly or straight hair based on your personal preference. Some of the popular hair extensions for wavy hair style available in the market are water wave, loose wave and body wave.

Quality and texture

The texture and quality are important aspects that you need to check before you buy hair extensions. If you buy cheap human hair extensions because of their low pricing, you may not get the natural look. Plus, they may not last long. When you buy the hair extensions, you should ensure that the weft is sewn in properly. The hair strands should be correctly aligned and not sticking out on all sides. The texture of the hair should match with your original hair texture to give a natural look.

Length and thickness of the weft

Make sure to buy the desired length of hair weft, which is comfortable for you. The thickness of the weft should be same from top to bottom. Ensure there is no gap between the hair. If there are plenty of gaps and is thicker at the top than the bottom, it may not be the best quality product.

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