Top 10 Trending Hairstyles With Sew-In Extensions

Top 10 Trending Hairstyles With Sew-In Extensions

One of the trendiest hair fashions these days is the sew-in extensions. It is a type of hair extension that is sewn with natural hair to give the most blended look. 

Who Requires Sew-In Extensions?

If you wish to achieve any particular hairstyle, but do not have enough hair length or density, you can easily get a sew-in hair extension done. You can buy human hair extensions online or from a professional hair extension store. 

To understand how sew-in extensions work, here are the 10 best hairstyles.

  1. Soft Curls For Textured Look

If you choose keratin hair extensions for the sew-in technique, creating uniform curls and waves becomes easy. You can use a curling iron to create soft waves or defined curls for a classy look. You can also add some subtle highlights to define the curls and add depth to your hair.

  1. Bob Cut Style

You country different variations of bob cut with sew-in extensions. Depending upon the length of your hair you can create an asymmetrical bob style. Sleek and soft hair looks great in a bob cut. For a smooth hair texture, buy human hair online India so that the bobs look natural and blend well.

  1. Pixie Cut With Trendy Front Bangs

When done correctly pixie style can create a long-lasting impression. All you have to do is get virgin Indian human hair online so that the sew-in does not look artificial or odd. 

  1. Voluminous Ponytail

You can create either a straight or a curly ponytail with extensions. Just make sure you know if the hair extension you choose for sew-ins matches your natural hair texture and color. Also, the placement of the sew-ins should be proper so that the ponytail appears fuller and natural.

  1. Rich & Whimsical Highlights

You can pick almost any color for our hair highlights. But doing color to your natural hair means damaging them. Thus sew-ins are a great solution that can protect your natural hair. Add sew-ins and highlight them with either ombre or balayage technique that suits your style factor. 

  1. Long & Smooth Kinky Curls

Kinky curls are in fashion. You can buy kinky curls hair extensions to style them in different ways. Sew-ins will help you to add extra volume to make your curly hairstyles smooth, shiny, thick and bouncy.

  1. Eye-catching Front Bangs

If you have a simple side bang, you can give it a new look with a sew-in extension. Just some extra layers and make your bang fuller and attractive. You can add bangs on both sides of your face or just keep to one side as per your preference and face shape.

  1. Feathered Hair Style

Women love layers. You can add multiple layers with sew-in extensions. If you want to achieve the feathered hairstyle, add sew-ins at various positions of your scalp for uneven and natural layers.

  1. Messy and Long Braids

Create messy braids effortlessly with sew-ins. If you have long hair but not much volume to create messy hairstyles, sew-ins are the best hair accessories to try. Just braid your hair and leave the extra layers loose to get that classy look.

  1. Thick Wand Curls

If you are a beginner with hair extensions, you must try the wand curls. It is not a curl or a complete wave. Wand curls are very easy to create with sew-in extensions. 

Choose sew-in extensions as per your hair length, color and texture to get a natural look. You can buy raw virgin hair wholesale for the sew-in technique that can give you the best results compared to synthetic sew-in extensions.

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