3 Best & Must-Know Caring Tips for Your Weave Hair Extensions

3 Best & Must-Know Caring Tips for Your Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions are one of a kind. They not only make you feel fresh but also boosts your confidence. Because when you look good, you also feel good about your ‘self’. Be it synthetic, human, or virgin hair, every female out there deserves to have healthy hair. “Healthy” implies all the characteristics of having good hair - long lustrous, shiny, bouncy curls. And that could be achieved with the help of weave hair extensions!

How Really Do Weave Hair Extensions Enhance Your Look?

You cannot argue with the fact that extensions are one of the top-notch ways to try out a new shade, color, and new length of hair. You have a broad array of choices as you desire them to be. From long and short, thick and fine to curly and straight, blond and brunette.

Now, it does not have to be adding or reducing volume or changing the shade of your hair. Weave hair extensions are useful for a gamut of options. To name a few, you can use them to enhance your appearance, by contrasting the hair color with your attire. And, a few other women prefer going with the Micro-ring or I-Tip styles to ensure that their extensions are smooth and look more natural, flowing over your real hairs.

What’s more, even our favorite celebrities and pop singers such as Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, etc. make use of hair extensions. Can we just remind ourselves, how exotic and beautiful is the long, ponytail of the ever-talented Ariana Grande!

3 Cool Tips for Caring your Weave Hair Extensions

Getting that shinier, softer, and bouncier hair is a great challenge. Even though many of us prefer the hair extensions to be smooth. and long. Yet, we don’t initiate the ideal steps to maintain their quality and durability like new. So, that bounce, luster and sheen, gradually begin to fade off as time passes by. However, the following tips, recommendations, and suggestions will help you master the art of ‘hair care’.

  • Shampooing:

Before anything else, remember that you must clean, wash, and shampoo your hair every 7 days; especially if you sweat more or do more physical activities. And this is how you should do it:

  1. Wet your hair extensions with lukewarm water only.
  2. Pour a dime-sized quantity of shampoo and massage it over the scalp.
  3. The shampoo should be sulfate-free.
  4. Rinse off the hairs and use a mild conditioner.

Note that you must be so gentle when applying and massaging the shampoo over your extensions, as the hairs might go tangled once they start drying.

  • Sprayers:

Have you ever noticed that your weave hair extension, at times, leaves out a foul smell? And that’s because either you have not dried it perfectly or you might have locked and braided your hairs firmly, after a shower. This causes an uncomfortable odor and worse, even changes the hue of your hair.

In order to avoid those circumstances, use an antibacterial spray, weekly once. You can do this, once you step out of the shower and just spray it all over your hair. Besides preventing the smell and retaining its color, spraying at the right intervals can help the extension stay free from the growth of mildews.

  • Pillow + Satin Scarf:

The toughest part about weave hair extension maintenance is to retain its smooth, silky texture. Many ladies would feel bad about their hairs going rough and dry as a few months pass by. But by wrapping a satin scarf over your head and using a soft cotton pillow, you can help lock its silkiness.

And as an extra tip, it is a high recommendation for you to braid or plait your hair extensions at night if you already have a curly hair form. But again, upon braiding it, just tie up your hair with the satin scarf thingy and now you are ready for a tight sleep.


Weave hair extensions are trending with females of today’s gen. From curly and straight to blond and brown, there are so many exotic options that you can try out. These extensions will enhance your look, by giving your natural hairs a bouncy volume as well as giving that perfect style to well coordinate with your clothing. But maintaining that smooth feel and softness can be hard.

Yet, you can care for your hair in 3 simple ways; shampoo your hair every once in 7 days, use an antibacterial spray for preventing foul smells, and make sure to wrap a satin scarf over your head during night sleep!

Hold on! If you are still left with questions about choosing a weave hair extension or simply want a personalized suggestion for your hair care, then post your queries at info@tirumalahair.com

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