Interesting Facts About Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are becoming quite popular across the country. Many metropolitan cities in the country have salons that offer keratin hair extensions as a part of their customer service. Extensions are used in two ways

  • Some hair extensions are clipped to your natural hair.
  • Some hair extensions are sewn into your scalp by braiding the natural hair to your scalp.

What are keratin hair extensions?

Keratin hair extensions are individual strands of extensions that are bonded to your hair with a keratin-based adhesive. They are also known as U-tips, nail tips, or keratin fusion extensions and they are the most common permanent extensions. Keratin hair extensions are the most popular types of hair extensions all over the world. They have the potential to spruce up your new look and help you feel fabulous every day.

Interesting facts about keratin hair extensions

Why keratin hair extensions are better?

While there may be many types of hair extensions, keratin hair extensions are the only real permanent ones. Keratin hair extensions are the go-to for movie premieres and red carpets. And unlike temporary hair extension you can air dry, straighten curl, or style hair extensions.

Pros and cons of keratin hair extensions



With keratin hair extensions, you have to go to the expert only once. She will glue in the extensions once and for the next few days, you will enjoy the extra volume. It will make you feel like a diva.

Low maintenance costs

A quality extension may last for more than six months. You can style your hair as you need it. Keratin hair extensions are easier to style than your natural hair.


A keratin hair extension comes in different colors, lengths, and textures. If you have short hair, you may opt for an extension with long hair. If you have short hair, you may opt for an extension with curly hair. You may choose color or texture combinations to suit the occasion.


Damage to your scalp

Since it takes several months to grow, the scalp has enough time to adjust to accept the added weight due to hair growth. But when the scalp has an instant expansion of hair through hair extension, it pulls on your scalp causing damage and irritation. But, extensions can damage your hair. A tight braid will break the roots of the hair.


A good quality hair extension is natural-looking but costly. An extension may cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousand dollars. The cost of the extension depends on the method of attachment, and the length of the hair.

Benefits of keratin hair extension

Keratin real hair extensionsoffer these benefits

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • They add volume and length to your hair
  • Fully customizable to match or improve your natural hair color
  • Dye, curl and style your extensions as you would do with your real hair
  • Natural-looking hair
  • Keratin hair extensions are suited for thick hair.
  • Keratin hair extensions last longer with proper care
  • Experiment with color without any harsh chemicals

Considerations and warnings

  • After washing your hair, dry it as soon as possible to prevent damage to the glue.
  • When sleeping, braid your hair or put on a ponytail to prevent knots
  • Use moderate heat to style your hair
  • Don’t swim with extensions as this can damage your root.

Hair extensions versatile, stylish and look like your real hair. You don’t have to wait for months for your thin hair to grow longer and thicker. If you are looking to change your hair color, keratin hair extensions are a simple way to change your hair’s appearance with a simple visit to the salon.

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