8 Tips to Clean your Hair Extensions

8 Tips to Clean your Hair Extensions

Are you new to the world of hair extensions and have no idea how to clean your extensions? Well, cleaning hair extensions properly or maintaining them is a big topic to discuss. 

We understand how it feels when your hair extensions become matted or tangled. So let’s get started with our excellent tips for hair extensions.

Type Of Products for Hair Extensions Care 

Whether you have the best clip-in extensions or a high quality remy hair extension, maintaining the product with the right products is the main trick for its durability. Many fail to keep their expensive hair extensions in good condition because of wrong hair care products for extensions.

When it comes to hair extension care routine the two most essential products are: shampoo and conditioner. And this is where many commit mistakes by choosing regular hair care shampoos and conditioners.

Hair extensions need special care. So, you will always require shampoos and conditioners that are designed for hair extensions. Depending on the types of hair extensions such as the pre-taped wefts or the lace-based wigs, the shampoo and conditioner brands must be chosen carefully. 

For instance, you need to get a high-quality shampoo to wash keratin hair extensions. This will ensure that the keratin-bonded hair remains healthy without getting damaged from any ingredients of the shampoo. Thus, you always need to make sure to choose chemical-free shampoos that are mild to your extensions.

Steps To Clean & Maintain Hair Extensions

Step 1: Brush, Before You Wash

Now, this is a step that many forget to perform. Brushing hair extensions properly ensures its longevity and keeps it tangle-free. If you wash a piece of unbrushed hair extension, it will lead up to frizz, damage to the strands and it will remain untidy. A thorough brushing is a must before you plan to wash your extensions with shampoo. But make sure you buy an extension-friendly comb that will not harm the hair or the base material.

One of the best etiquettes to brush your hair extension is to do it gently. If you use a combo harshly, it may loosen the strands from the base. Be patient while you create different sections of your hair extension and brush it part by part with a quality comb. This process may take time but is worth it. Finally, you will have a more manageable extension that can be easily washed.

***(We suggest you invest in an extension-specific hair comb.)

Step 2: Get Lukewarm Water Ready

Another major step to clean your lovely hair extension is to determine the right temperature of your water. It should not be too cold or too hot. Get lukewarm water ready before you decide to wash your hair extensions. 

Be it a remy human hair or synthetic hair, hot or cold water will damage the mane and ruin its soft and silky texture. Warm water ensures that the hair is nicely cleaned without causing any damage. Warm water can properly cleanse the oils and dirt that hair extensions accumulate with daily use. Also, warm water can keep keratin-bonded hair in good shape for years.

Step 3:Soak it all the way in

Hair extensions need to get soaked properly before you use shampoo on them. This is an essential step that cannot be missed. Soaking hair extensions ensure that all the hair ices are nicely wet and are ready to absorb the shampoo to do its work.

Step 4:Shampoo Gently & Rinse Thoroughly

The next big step is to get the right shampoo and lather it well. A mild shampoo is always recommended without harsh chemicals. You will find various top brands selling shampoos and conditioners for hair extensions. Always get the right shampoo for your hair extension type. For example, what suits a keratin-bonded hair extension may not suit a lace-based toupee. 

Once you are done shampooing, use warm water to rinse all the lather well. Use enough water to wash the shampoo until you see clear water running. Finally, gently squeeze out all the excess water. 

Step 5: Use a Conditioner Positively

Never forget to use a conditioner post-shampoo. A conditioner will ensure that your extension remains soft, smooth, tangle-free and healthy-looking. Try to use the conditioner from the same brand as that of the shampoo. If your extension is made of human hair, you must use a sulfate-free and silicone-free conditioner.  

Step 6:Stick To Air Dry Instead Of Blow Drying

Allowing your hair extension to air dry is the best option to keep it soft and healthy. Blow drying can cause damage, especially for human hair extensions. For heat-proof synthetic wigs and toupees, you may use the blow-drying technique. But make sure you do it from a distance. 

If you are using a towel to dry your hair extensions, make sure you do not rub your hair roughly. You can just gently press the hair to soak the extra water and let it air dry naturally. 

Wrapping Up:

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