Tips To Choose The Right Thickness To Your Hair Extensions?

Tips To Choose The Right Thickness To Your Hair Extensions?

Your hair extension must look natural and flawless. While colour and texture are the two most essential aspects to choose hair extensions; you cannot deny the importance of thickness. The right hair extension thickness will help you achieve a seamless result. So when you go choosing hair extensions, make sure you find the thickness that exactly matches your hair length and thickness. 

Thickness decides the volume of the hair. If your natural hair does not have much volume, you may want to add some thick hair extensions. But the appearance must be perfect. And this is where the necessity comes from to choose the suitable thickness for hair extensions. Before you buy real hair extensions, follow our tips.

Relation Between Hair Thickness And Length

One of the biggest factors that many forget while purchasing hair extensions is the length of the hair. One must know in which category their natural hair falls under:

Short Length- if you have hair that reaches your ear or chin or just above the shoulder, it is considered short hair. People with bob, blunt and pixie haircuts fall under this category.

Medium or Average Hair Length- People of this category have hair length of up to shoulder and mostly have medium-thick hair.

Thick, Long Hair- If you have thick and long hair, then it is below the shoulder, and they are very voluminous.

Now depending upon these three categories of hair, you need to choose your hair extension. Keep in mind your natural hairstyle and length while choosing the thickness. Before you buy Indian hair extensions onlinemake sure you measure your hair length and understand how thick they are.

For instance, if your hair is 16 inches in length, you will need an extension of 18 to 20 inches for better fit. Your natural hair will adjust the thickness of the extension if your hair extension is not too long or too short.

Choosing Suitable Thickness For Hair Extensions

  • People with thin and fine hair need hair extensions of 120 gms set. For small to medium length hair, 120 gms set is the ideal choice that gives natural cover and seamless finish. With this set, you can add depth and definition to your otherwise fine and thin hair. To buy the perfect set of hair extensions with 120 gms of thickness, buy Indian human hair online.
  • People with average hair length and thickness will need a set of 160 gm of hair extensions for more depth and volume. If your hair looks like it needs additional thickness, you must choose a hair extension set with a weft length of 8 inches, 7 inches, 6 and 4 inches. That way you will be able to create the ideal hair length and thickness to math your average hair length.
  • Another popular set of hair extensions is the 180 gms. This is almost similar to the 160 gms but with more hair counts. This set is the best choice for fine hair people who want a good amount of length and thickness to their natural hair. This set will provide extra thickness to help you achieve fuller and voluminous hair. 
  • 220 gms of thickness is the ideal choice for people with hair thinning conditions. If you are suffering from baldness, get 220 gms thick hair extensions that will create thicker and fuller hair. You need to find a professional hair extensions seller to buy the best quality product. A premium quality remy hair extension is always the suitable choice for a perfect finish and look. 

Best Hair Extension For Thickness

If you are looking for the best hair extensions to achieve thickness, go for remy hair extensions. Each strand of the remy hair extensions will give you an absolutely natural finish. You will be able to blend your natural hair with the extension conveniently. 

Since remy hair is nothing but sourced from natural human hair, you have to maintain it like your normal hair. They can be styled easily and do not look odd. 

Planning to buy hair extensions online in India? Why not stop by Tirumala hair, your hair extension expert? We have a variety of collections with different hair textures, colour and thicknesses. If you want quality hair extensions at affordable rates, we are there for you.

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