Check out Various Methods to Add Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions online

When it comes to the salon and retail hair treatments, extensions are the most expensive option. However, choosing the right hair extensions for your hair type can be difficult. Fuller and Remy human hair helps every woman seem at least five years younger, making it the most economical facelift. Most individuals, in our humble view, do not realise the privilege of having access to chemical-free highlights, length, or volume made entirely of 100% human hair. You can buy human hair online at any Indian hair store


Types of Indian Hair Extensions Online 

1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

A string of shaped pieces is linked to the base using either fabric or silicone in the case of clip-in wefts, also known as clip-in hair extensions. If you want to buy Indian human hair onlineTirumala Hair possesses the selection of the best clip in extensions

2.Tape-in Hair Extensions 

    It's no secret that tape in hair extensions are attached to your hair with adhesive tape. Pre-taped extensions are attached to your hair using tape or adhesive. Because you have to line them with the roots and use a hot instrument to warm up the adhesive, most people employ a hairdresser to apply for tape-in Indian hair extensions online

    3. Sew-in Hair Extensions

      The natural hair is braided into cornrows first, and then the weave is sewn into the braid or cornrow using a needle and thread. Because of the manner, they are put, weave hair extensions are most utilized on women with thicker hair. You can buy Indian hair extensions online.

      Methods to apply for Hair Extensions

      • The bonding procedure is an alternative to weaving in the hair extension(s) into the client's natural hair. If you want to bond Indian hair extensions online, you'll need to use extension glue on the weft before attaching them to the client's natural hair. 
      • Similar to bonding, fusion hair extensions are also known as tape-in hair extensions stay much longer. The extensions are glued together using keratin glue during the fusion process.
      • Using micro-links eliminates the need for glue remover because there is no heat or glue involved in this is. Due to the fact that micro-links do not harm the hair, you may get a lot of inquiries regarding this procedure.
      • Hair extensions made with micro-rings or micro-beads might look gorgeous, but they're difficult to work with and necessitate dexterous hands. These hair extensions are attached to your natural hair by a small silicone bead or metal ring, which must be installed using special equipment available at any Indian hair store. So, when you want to buy Indian human hair online


      Based on your preferences, you can find curly hair extensions and keratin hair extensions from an Indian hair store like Tirumala Hair

      The safety of any hair extension method is also dependent on the stylist and the aftercare you provide. However, weave hair extensions and other types should not be used for more than 4 to 6 weeks at a time. 


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