How to Find a Wholesale Hair Vendor to Start a Hair Business?

How to Find a Wholesale Hair Vendor to Start a Hair Business?

Starting a hair business can be an exciting venture, especially with the global haircare market expected to soar to USD 116.33 billion by 2027. With increasing consciousness about looks and hair styles, the market for hair extensions using raw Indian hair is also flourishing. 

This presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a wholesale hair extension business by finding reliable vendors. But how does one find the right hair vendors to partner with?

Search for an Exact Match

When looking for hair vendors , search for suppliers who exactly match your business needs and product quality standards. 

Review vendor catalogues for factors like hair quality, sources, consistency in providing real Indian hair, order volumes they deal in, and pricing. Shortlist vendors fulfilling prerequisites to source quality extensions at wholesale rates for your startup. 

Checklist for Wholesale Hair Vendors 

Create a checklist of must-have criteria for picking hair vendors. This includes aspects like years of experience, types of hair sold, clientele, transparency about hair origins, quality control measures, pricing and minimum order quantities. Shortlist a few wholesale vendors who tick most boxes to meet your business needs.

Search Hashtags 

One practical approach is to search hashtags related to raw Indian hair vendors on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

Search Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using relevant hashtags like #rawindianhairvendors, #hairwholesalers, #hairsuppliers or simply #wholesalehair.

This will reveal many profiles of wholesale hair extension suppliers from different cities and towns. Thoroughly go through seller profiles, their posted catalogue images, videos and customer reviews or feedback. This gives helpful insights on the quality of hair offered, pricing, and overall reliability of potential vendors.

Go through seller profiles and customer feedback. Interact with promising leads to evaluate product quality, pricing, and reliability in delivering adequate stocks. Shortlist only those wholesale hair vendors from platforms like Instagram or Facebook whom existing buyers rate highly for ethically sourced, good quality hair sold at competitive prices in bulk. 

Find a Hair Vendor on Google 

Google search using keywords like “wholesale raw Indian hair vendors” can reveal potential suppliers. Check out the company website, years of operations, types of hair sold, and client testimonials of shortlisted vendors. Contact a few vendors via email or calls to discuss your bulk hair extension requirements.

Search Within a Range of Numbers

While searching for wholesale virgin hair vendors on Google, use tools to filter results by numbers like years in business, reviews count, etc. For instance, you can focus on vendors with 4+ years of experience, or have 50+ buyer reviews. 

This helps find established players able to handle bulk hair orders. Reach out to vendors in your filtered search range to discuss quality, pricing and logistics.

Exclude Words from Your Search

Using Google search operator “-“ before a term excludes sites with that word. For example, search wholesale hair vendors in -synthetic -artificial excludes sellers offering synthetic hair. 

This filters to real human hair vendors suitable for your salon business. You can also use location filters in searches to find vendors within specific miles of your location.

How to Select Hair Vendors

Finding the right hair vendors involves a bit of research rather than going by advertisements alone. While cheap pricing or large advertisements seem attractive, one must gauge critical aspects like quality, consistency and market reputation while selecting vendors to deliver your business vision.

Here are some tips on how to find hair vendors:

  • The Vendor Who Claims To Have The Best Hair

Verify by asking for hair samples to personally inspect texture, quality and feel. Also seek buyer reviews and check if they use ethical practices while sourcing hair. This indicates if their tall claims of supplying the “best hair” hold merit. 

  • The Vendor Offering the Cheapest Prices

Cheap can come at the cost of cutting corners in quality. Discuss specifics of their whole hair range to assess if pricing aligns with ethical, quality supply. Ask for client references to check if consistent quality is maintained despite low prices. 

  • The Vendor Who Communicates Properly

Good communication is vital. But also assess aspects like transparency in hair sources, quality control steps, logistics reliability etc. before partnering. For instance, a vendor like Tirumala Hair not only interacts well but also excels in other aspects that spell “quality and consistency”.

Starting a hair business can be a rewarding venture, especially when you partner with the right wholesale vendor. Remember, the key is in knowing how to find hair vendors that align with your business goals and values. Look for those who offer quality products, fair pricing, and effective communication. 

If you want more help and tips about the hair industry, you should check out our products. Get in touch with us to see how our products and tips can help your business grow.

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