Choose the Best Hair Extension

Get the hair you want

If you are not happy with your hair, there are a lot many options for you these days and one of them is to find the best place to buy hair extensions. In fact you can buy human hair online which lends itself beautifully to any and every styling method that suits your own natural locks.

What to look for?

  • Color: You may not get the exact match for your locks always, but when you buy human hair online, you can color it to blend with your own locks. Just ensure you go for a lighter shade as you can always safely color them in a darker shade. Coloring in a lighter shade may cause damage as it is harsher on the hair
  • Hair quality: Invest in high quality hair extensions that will last for about a year. Go for remy hair in which the cuticles are facing in the same direction, which keeps the likelihood of tangles at bay. Non-remy hair is bound to tangle resulting in matted and unmanageable hair which may force you to part with your extensions. Virgin hair is free of any chemical treatment and is of the highest quality. If you can afford the price, go for it.
  • Hair type: Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may opt for European hair that is the thinnest of the lot or Chinese that is the thickest. Indian hair is medium and easily blends with most hair types.
  • Attachment type: If your need is temporary, then clip on extensions are the best option that are cheaper, quick and easier to maintain. If you want a permanent solution, then you may choose between gluing, sewing and fusing to mention a few options. But please be aware that extremely damaged hair may not be able to the additional stress of permanent extensions. Go for professional advice for the best way forward.
  • Quantity: The shorter and thicker your hair, more the extensions you will need. On the other hand long, fine hair will require comparatively lesser number of extensions. Extensions come in a range of weights such as 0.5 g, 0.7g, 0.8g and 1.0 g strands. You hair dresser is the best person to advice you on the number and weight of strands you will require.

So, find the best place to buy hair extensions and apply the above thumb rules to get the hair you desire.

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