Hair Extension Care Tips

Do you use hair extensions to add length and volume for your hair? Or do you just use extensions while trying out interesting hair styles for parties or events? When you buy human hair online, you need to ensure that the texture matches your original hair texture. Whether you use hair extensions regularly or only on occasions, you need to take proper care to ensure long-lasting use. In fact, you should care for extensions just like you care for natural hair.

Why is it important to care and maintain Indian hair extensions?

  • Keep it fresh and vibrant
  • To use it for a long time
  • Extensions not maintained properly could damage your natural hair

Tips to Maintain Indian Hair Extensions

Hair care and maintenance tips are same for both permanent and temporary hair extensions. However, if you are using permanent extensions, you should always check to see that the region of the scalp where the extensions are attached is healthy. If you find it difficult to check, then you can ask your hair stylist or a friend to do it for you.

  1. Regularly wash the hair extensions

Even if you don’t use the hair extensions regularly, you need to wash them. Use a shampoo just like you would do with natural hair. The amount of shampoo you use and the number of times you wash the hair extensions in a week depends on the thickness of the extensions.

  1. Condition hair extensions

Use a normal conditioner to condition the hair. It leaves the hair smooth and manageable.

  1. Dry the hair extensions

After you wash and condition the hair extensions. Make sure to completely dry it using a dryer or by air drying it. Don’t pack it away until every strand is completely dry.

  1. Brush the extensions

After the tresses are completely dry, use a large teeth comb or a paddle brush to carefully remove the tangles in the hair extensions. Brushing restores the natural shine of the hair. You can also dab some hair freshener on the hair to give it the fresh look.

It is not enough if you buy hair extensions online to add length and volume to your hair. You need to take proper care and maintain it so that the extensions last long and also give you the natural look that you are aiming for.

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