How to Maintain and Wash Hair Extensions for Longevity

How to Maintain and Wash Hair Extensions for Longevity

Hair extensions have since time immemorial adorned the braids of women of various ages. Using hair extensions means that you are adding it to your existing hair thereby covering it fully or partially. Let us find out how you can wash these hair extensions that require a lot of care and maintenance. You will not hear these tips from the human hair suppliers that sell hair extensions to the vendors.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are three types of hair extensions that you can lay your hands on, but the most popular ones are the clip-ins. In this, only a part of the hair is used, and the remaining hair is done up with a clip.

The second type of hair extension is one in which the entire hair is taken and sewn like natural hair, and this is usually done in the scalp. These are usually referred to as weaves. Indian weave hair will usually be different from the ones that you find in temperate regions.

The third type is known as keratin extensions. In these several strands of hair are taken. They have keratin at the tips with glue. As far as the placement is concerned, these are usually put onto the existing natural hair at roots.

Tips for Better Maintenance of Hair Extensions

You can follow these tips mentioned below to increase the longevity of the hair extensions that you are using. These are-

  1. If you have clip-in hair extensions, it can be easily removed and put on again. This makes washing easier. Removing them before a shower will prevent the metal clips from rusting. Also, make sure hair strands do not get entangled and it is always better to use a broad tooth comb for the same.
  2. It is best to avoid hot water and use lukewarm water instead of washing the hair extensions.
  3. The shampoo you use for cleaning hair extension must be mild and have conditioner. However, they must be devoid of sulphates.
  4. Once you have shampooed the extensions, use a dryer for drying it.

Proper maintenance will ensure that you can use Indian weave hair extensions for many years to come. Not only that you also know that you have done justice to your hard-earned money.

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