Planning to Use a Hair Wig for the First Time? Tips To ace it like a Pro!

Planning to Use a Hair Wig for the First Time? Tips To ace it like a Pro!

Before you start wearing your wig, you should check its size and quality. If possible, use Hair Spray to hold the existing hair. Lastly, you should secure all clips so that they stay in place. This will prevent the wig from falling out, and you'll be sure that it will look as natural as your existing hair. The Indian hair extensions and wigs ideally come in dark colours of black and brown, so choose accordingly.

Make sure your hair wig size is right

You should know the dimensions of your head before you order a wig. You should measure the circumference around your hairline. Try to get a comfortable fit so that you can comfortably wear it. The standard head size is 21 to 23 inches. However, special sizes should be specified before ordering. Wig makers measure the head circumference at the hairline and from top to bottom. Make sure your head size matches the measurement of the cap.

Next, measure the nape area of your head. If you have a long hairline, make sure the wig fits below this area. Ideally, it should reach your nape. If not, loosen the elastic band on your head and trim the excess lace along the hairline. 

Wig Quality

If you are planning to wear a wig for the first time, you should pay special attention to its quality. If it has natural hair, you will need to wash it, style it and oil it regularly. If you are wearing synthetic hair, you don't have to worry about maintaining it because it has already been styled during the manufacturing process. However, you should know that you may have to spend extra time and money on its maintenance. Remember that synthetic wigs are different from human hair. For a natural look, opt for Indian hair.

Hair Spray to hold the existing hair in place

If you are wearing a wig for the first time, you may find it difficult to manage the front pieces. To make your hairstyle easier to manage, divide your wig into several manageable sections and use a flat iron to straighten them. Be sure to avoid overheating your hair, particularly the front pieces, which frame your face. Once the front pieces are straight, use a hairspray to set the new style.

Secure all clips to make sure it holds

Ensure that all bobby pins are secure before you start wearing the wig. Using too many clips can cause the wig to become loose. To avoid this problem, test your wig on yourself by bending over and shaking it. If it holds, you're done. If not, secure all clips to make sure it holds the wig for the first time.

Another way to secure all clips is to use wig grips. All the best clip in hair extensions come with wig grips. This is the most common way, and it is very easy to use. Besides, you can also use elastic bands to secure the wig. The elastic bands will provide a better hold than clips. 

Colour Which Suits You

The colour of your wig will depend on your skin tone and complexion. If you have a warm complexion, a cool blonde shade will drown you out. For a more natural look, opt for a light brown shade. However, make sure it is lighter than your natural hair colour. If you have a darker complexion, a warmer blonde shade will be better suited.

Those with a darker skin tone may want to try a warm red colour. This colour complements light or medium skin and is suitable for people with fair, medium, or deep skin. However, if you have a dark complexion, a cool red colour may look too dramatic. Dark brown shades are the best option if your skin is darker. Fair, medium, and dark skin tones can all wear a warm red wig to match their complexion.


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