Remy and Virgin Indian Hair Extensions - Know the Difference Before You Get the One

Fashionable dresses! Jewels! Makeups! These are the factors that woman used to consider when going to a party or wedding or some special occasions but the scenario has now changed. Hair Extensions are getting added and it is very common among the celebrities attending the functions and parties. Nowadays it is common and considered as a fact of fashion among common people. There is great demand for the clip-in hair extensions all over the world, especially for the Indian hair extensions. So, one must know the difference between the remy and virgin hair before getting the Indian hair extensions at online or at shops. The Indian hair is usually collected from the familiar temples or religious destinations usually donated as a sacrifice. The authorities in the places will collect the donated hairs and will offer the same to the hair extension manufacturing concerns.

Indian Hair and its Uniqueness
The demand for Indian hair is great because of the lustre and silkiness of the hair by nature. Indians used to apply oil that gives the lustre. Indian Hair extensions are developed into two or more types. The most common among them is the Remy hair and the virgin Indian hair. Are you gazing up to buy hair extensions online India? Know the differences between the human hair, virgin and remy Indian hair extensions before you purchase.

Human hair or natural hair
This hair extension is made up of 100% human hair or natural hair. This is non-remy hair that is readily available for sale. Many double drawn non-remy hairs are available and these Indian hair extensions online are durable. These hairs are available at cheap rates and these hairs do not blend uniformly as the cuticle of each hair will be of varied length.

Virgin Indian Hair
Virgin Indian hair is also remy hair that is collected from a single donor. These virgin hairs are having the non-uniform pattern and have end that is not even in length. This type of virgin hair extensions is never treated with any chemical and available as it is collected from the donors.

Remy Indian hair
Remy hair is also known as the cuticle hair. It is known as cuticle hair because the natural hair from the donor is collected without disturbing the cuticles. The remy hair is treated with chemicals in perming, bleaching and dying process. There are two types of remy hairs that are available to buy the hair extensions online India.

• Single drawn hair – This hair is collected from single donor and will be available at varying lengths. They collect them as a single long ponytail because it will be available with the cuticles.
• Double drawn hair – This consists of hairs that are piled up from different donors and then it is sorted out to a correct length in the processing.

Remy hair is rich in quality and if properly maintained can be used for a long period of time.
So, if you are gazing up for buying the Indian hair extensions know these differences and purchase the best clip-on extensions that suit your hair type.

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