Top 6 Myths about the Human Hair Extension

Top 6 Myths about the Human Hair Extension

Everybody loves to see their hair thick, voluminous, smooth, and silky. But what can be the best way to get fabulous hair? Hair extensions are probably the best answer.

But not everyone is ready for this experience for a number of doubts and confusions. So, in this article, we will debunk all the 6 main myths about hair extensions.

What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions?

Before you plan to buy Indian hair extensions onlineand learn about the myths in hair extensions in general.

It is a type of hair accessory that adds glamour to your hair. You will find both natural human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions in the market. If you plan to buy a pair of clip-in hair extensions, you should know what they are made of.

  • Human Hair Extensions: These extensions are made of human hair that is collected from the donor. The best quality human hair extensions are made of 100% Virgin Remy hair also called Raw/Unprocessed Human Hair. The virignremy quality allows no tangling and gives a smooth finish to your hairstyle. This is why most of the clients prefer to get 100% Virgin Remy hair extensions. You can easily buy Indian human hair online for the premium remy quality.
  • Synthetic Hair Extensions: These extensions are made of synthetic material. They are great for short-term use. The texture of these extensions is not like the human hair ones. But they are cheaper and can be bought easily from any hair extension manufacturer.

Now that you know about the different types of extensions, let’s debunk the 5 popular myths.

Myth 1: Hair Extensions Cause Damage 

One of the main reasons that many are still in doubt about hair extensions is the damage factor. But the truth is hair extensions neither damage your scalp nor your hair in any way. If you consider all the chemical treatments and styling procedures that one does in a salon, hair extensions are nothing compared to them. Chemical treatments and styling procedures damage your hair from roots to tips. And hair extensions can actually rescue your thin, dull and damaged hair by transforming them into a new look.

Moreover, you must know what type of hair extensions should be suitable for you. Always consult with a professional hairstylist before choosing your extensions. One of the safest options is the clip-in hair extensions that are easy to use and remove without any damage at all.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions Never Blend Well.

Hair extensions will always blend well with your hair provided you choose the right colour and texture matching your natural hair. Most of the time people fail to choose the right hair extension and end up making a mess. Thus, this misconception has been around. The truth is one has to be very particular while choosing the right match. 

If you buy Indianhair extensions online, you will have loads of options to choose the suitable colour and texture for your hair. And the next thing you need is to visit a hairstylist to get it installed for a flawless look. 

Depending upon your hair texture and look such as wavy, frizzy, straight, or curly, you need to get your hair extensions from a reputed seller. 

Myth 3: Hair Extensions Are Noticeable

No, they are not, if you can install them correctly. Your hair extensions will only get visible if it does not match your hair length, color, texture, and looks. To make it blend properly, always wear it in the right way. Get professional help for the best results. 

Myth 4: Extensions Weigh Your Hair Down And Give Headaches

Well, you need to understand that hair extension means an extra load of hair. This will weigh down. Therefore, it is necessary to buy lightweight, premium quality hair extensions that will make you feel comfortable. So, check the weight of your hair extensions before you buy. If the weight adjusts with your hair and you feel comfortable, you will never get headaches.

Myth 5: Hair Extensions Require High Maintenance

Another big misconception is high maintenance. It is not true that hair extensions need high extensions. You do not need to go to any salon for expensive hair treatments. Natural human hair extensions should be maintained just like the way you do your own hair. For a long and healthy hair extensions life, keep them tangle-free after every use. 

Above all, choose Remy hair extensions for a smooth finish and texture. There’s no need to wash them frequently. You will find shampoo and conditioner specially made for hair extensions. Just use them when necessary and that’s all you need to do.

Myth 6: Brazilian, Peruvian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, etc

All these are just marketing labels. There is no ethical source of hair in any of these countries. All these are made with dead hair that gets stuck in hairbrushes or falls off also called Non-Remy Human, these hairs are collected from households in rural areas of India and then are exported to China where these hairs get chemically treated to look good, these are then sold in the market with the above-mentioned labels. These are also labelled as Virgin or Raw hair and sold. If it is cheap, it is not Virgin or Raw. 

Bottom Line:

Juttu Extensions by Tirumala Hair is your one-stop destination for all types of hair extension needs. You can buy hair extensions online in India from Tirumala Hair’s widest range of products of natural human hair. 

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