Guide to maintaining your look with hair extensions and weaves

Guide to maintaining your look with hair extensions and weaves

Tips For Maintaining Your Look With Hair Extensions And Weaves

Owning a gorgeous set of hair extensions is like a prized possession, right? So obviously, you do not want your hair extensions to dry out, or become frizzy or damaged. This is why whenever your high-end hair extensions start showing signs of wear and tear, you need not worry at all. Just with a few easy tips & techniques you can make them smooth and silky once again.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the tips to maintain your hair extensions and weaves.

Shampooing and Conditioning:

This is probably the most common tip and the most essential one that you must not skip. Just make sure that you use a sulfate-free shampoo for your hair extensions. When shampooing, lather your hair gently, and avoid being rough with your extensions. Use a mild and good quality conditioner that is specially formulated for human hair weave and extensions. You can search online to buy the right shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions. 

Followed by shampoo and conditioner, the hair must be allowed to dry. Using damp hair extensions may damage the product and it can also create frizz.

Wrapping Hair With Microfiber Cloth:

After washing your hair extensions, use a microfiber cloth to dry it. This will squeeze the excess water out of the hair weaves. Always avoid rubbing your hair extensions with any other cloth as that can lead to damage and frizzy texture. It also runs the risk of pulling out the hair from the clip-in extensions.

Detangle Technique:

Every time you style your hair with an extension or weave, spray it with a quality detangling product. For combing always use a wide-toothed comb or a boar-bristle brush to maintain the hair and keep it tangle-free throughout the day.

You can buy combs and detangling sprays made specially for hair extensions online. 

Pro tip: Avoid rough brushing to avoid further knots and tangles.

Night Routine:

There should be a proper bedtime routine when you use hair extensions. It’s important to always dry your extensions before going to bed. Always avoid sleeping with your hair extensions to make it long lasting. In case you have to sleep with your hair extensions on, get a silk or satin pillow cover that reduces friction of your hair. 

Pro tip: Women with curly hair extensions may braid their hair at night to maintain the curl pattern.

Don't Over Oil Your Scalp:

One of the best tips to be followed to maintain hair weaves and extensions is knowing how to oil the scalp and hair. Keep your scalp clean and oil free while you use clip-in hair extensions or hair weaves. Too much oiling can break the adhesives and the weft bond. If you have to oil your hair, avoid the roots while you have your extensions on. Apply oil to your hair extensions from the mid shaft till the end to keep them soft and smooth. 

Usual Hairstyle:

The benefit of using human hair extensions is that it can be treated just like your own natural locks. You can make them curled or straightened much as you would normally. But this cannot be done with synthetic hair extensions. Any styling product would damage synthetic hair weaves and extensions. This is why people prefer natural human hair extensions that can take friction, hair products, and heat. You can buy best quality human hair extensions online from reputable hair vendors.

Suitable Hair Tools :

With sew-in hair extensions, it’s always important to use the right tools. Make sure you avoid tough bristle brushes as they can scratch the hair cuticle. Never scratch the hair cuticle to avoid clumping the hair extensions together. Before you buy any hair styling products, make sure that it can be used on hair extensions. From hair mousse to serums, hair products tend to cause build-up. Always talk to a hair styling expert about the right way to style hair extensions.

Texture Matching

Your hair extensions should match the natural hair texture. That way you can easily conceal the extensions and weaves. It will also help in styling. 

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