Transparent Lace Vs HD Lace Wigs: Which Is Best Option to Choose?

Transparent Lace Vs HD Lace Wigs: Which Is Best Option to Choose?

The proforma of wigs is changing every day, and it is quite safe to say that today the concept of wigs has undergone a sea change. There are various improvised qualities, and all of them fit the basic needs and provide the best possible look. Two of the most common variants include transparent and lace wigs, and they are very popular as weave hair extensions. The longevity and the look of the two variants are somewhat different, and hence putting in a comparison of the two variants will help one to understand better. In most cases, it is very simple to buy human hair online in India and even in the best parts of the world.


What Are Transparent Wigs?

As the name would suggest, a transparent wig is sewn in a way that once fixed, none will be able to tell whether it is fixed artificially. It is usually made with the help of transparent lace and hence appears quite great to the naked eyes. In most cases, people do refer that this lace is almost invisible and cannot be easily detected as well. Usually, three or four bundles of hair are sewn with the help of transparent lace to create these wigs. The fact that they lend such a natural look ensures that they can be used for a more pulled back hair look and does not at all appear artificial. The transparent lace can extend from one temple to the other or even from one ear to the ear depending upon the kind of look you would personally prefer. These are widely available in all online and offline Indian hair stores. The natural look of transparent hair wigs makes it a prominent choice among most individuals.


What Are HD Lace Wigs?

Before you rush in to buy hair extensions online in India, you must know the other variant, which is lace HD wigs. The best part about this variant is that they are easy to apply as well as remove. To top that, HD Lace wigs are also very cheap when put in comparison to the other forms but look good when put on. As the name would suggest, an HD lace wig usually comes off as high definition and is made out of a material that is royal lace or Swiss lace. The most special thing about this lace is that it is almost invisible when affixed to the scalp.


Transparent Vs HD Lace Wigs- Which Is Better?

There are quite a few known brands that buy raw hair wholesale and then transform them into these beautiful wigs. If you want to know which one is a better option, then it is important to say that it is completely a subjective choice.

 The major difference between the transparent lace and the HD lace wig is that the former is made out of regular lace, which is just transparent in colour, while the HD lace wig is made out of Swiss lace. The HD Lace wig is also much thinner and hence blends better with any kind of skin tone, giving it a more polished finish.



It is important to understand that both Transparent, as well as HD lace wigs, will create a look that is immaculate and invisible to the naked eyes. But if put in comparison, it has to be confessed that it is the HD lace wig that will create a more polished and invisible look. It will also look much more closer to your natural skin tone and thus look blended.

If you want to move forth and buy hair extensions, then both serve up to be really good options. However, if you want something more natural then it is best to go with the HD lace wig. Wondering where to buy wigs? Tirumala Hair is the name to remember. 

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