Why Indian Human Hair are so Popular

Why Indian Human Hair are so Popular

It is well known that Indian hair is one of the best quality in human hairs available. It is in its natural and beautiful state and is also very easily modified into styles if one requires. There are several types of hairs depending on the quality and length.

Types of human hairs

The best quality hair is called ‘Remy’ or ‘Full cuticle’ hair which is in very high demand all over the world specially in the US and the European markets. This type of hair means it has been carefully cut buy a professional hair trimmer in an Indian hair shop and is intact all along the full length without any tangles. The process involves careful collection so that it is naturally aligned. This ‘Remy’ quality hair lasts for a longer duration and can be coloured or styled accordingly. The virgin Remy hair are those which are not altered by chemical treatment and all the hair tips run in the same direction.

Non - Remy type of hair is those that are collected from floors of Indian hair shop or from door to door hair collections. On the other hand, one of the biggest source of Indian hairs are the temples in India. Indians believe in the century old ritual that if their prayers become true they shave their hair in the temples. One of the largest auctioneer of human hair in India is the Lord Venkateshwara Temple of Tirumala in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Online availability of Indian Human Hair

Nowadays due to the trending e-commercialization of all products, you can also buy Indian human hair online. These e-stores have very good quality unprocessed Indian hairs available. There are also different options like clip in enhancements, Indian hair closures, Indian hairs for weavers and hair care products for the hair. You can order these from the websites of the online stores or call and order. Some of them also have the facility of same day shipping and hassle-freecancellation options to provide you a pleasant experience if you want to buy Indian human hair online.

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