Common weft/weave hair extensions problems and best treatments

Have you always dreamt of flaunting long and gorgeous mermaid-like hair which falls down your back just like a Disney princess? Weave hair extensions can transform this dream into reality. So, what exactly are weft weave hair extensions? Simply keep scrolling to know all about weft weave hair extensions.

What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Weft weave hair extensions are crafted from natural human hair that is sewn or weaved onto a horizontal strip or weft with a three headed weft sewing machine. Small portions of these extension strands are then sewed into your natural hair with the help of silicone beads at the side of the roots. The extensions can last for a long time and keep your natural hair from tangling which can save a lot of time while combing or styling.

Weft vs Other Types of Extension

To add thickness and length to your hair, you can use weft and other types of extensions. If you are looking for temporary reusable extensions then you can go for clip-in extensions. The tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent option that can last for some weeks. However, the process of applying and removing these hair extensions may cause damage to the hair if applied in an improper manner. Weft weave or sew-in hair extensions are applied to the braided natural hair by sewing with a needle and thread. Fusion hair extensions are bonded to the natural hair with a keratin bond and are long-lasting. But the fusion extensions are quite time-consuming and costly as compared to the weftweave hair extensions.

Tips to Prevent Hair Damage from Weave Hair Extensions

Here are some tips to prevent hair damage from weave hair extensions:

  • Take good care of your natural hair before opting for sew-in hair extensions
  • Get your extensions done by an expert professional
  • Keep your scalp and hairstyle clean by using a gentle moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Avoid excessive use of heated hair styling tools
  • Maintain the health of your natural hair by wearing the extensions for a few months, then taking a break from the weaves for some time.

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