Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities manage to grow their hair overnight? The secret is seamless hair extensions. Hair extensions can magically transform your hair into a jiffy. Whether you desire length, volume or both, blending the hair extensions is just as essential as the colour. 

Seamless Hair Extensions- A Great Alternative for a Natural and Discreet Look

Seamless hair extensions or skin weft extensions are crafted with a silicon backing at the top rather than sewing wefts to a fabric piece. A clip is sewn manually to the silicon backing which makes it an ideal option for those who want a lighter and thinner clip-in hair extension for a natural appearance. Due to silicon backing, you may need more pieces to achieve the desired thickness or length.  

Tips to Blend Seamless Hair Extensions with Short Hair to Create a Natural Look

Trim your Remy hair extensions

If you are having very short hair and you are layering the long extensions in an incorrect manner then it will make them look choppy. To fit your hair extensions with your face and natural hair, you can get them trimmed by a professional.

Pick the appropriate colour

For a flawlessly blended and multi-dimensional look, you can mix and match colours that are slightly darker or lighter than your natural hair. You may apply for one extension on top which matches your natural hair colour and sandwich another extension with the fashion colour at the bottom. It will give a gorgeous yet natural effect to your hair. 

Style your extensions and natural hair together

Styling your hair extensions along with your natural hair will help in creating a seamless look with all hair strands falling together. You may add waves and curls to hide the obvious lines. However, for a straight cascade-like look, you can use a flat iron rod to straighten both your natural hair and extensions at the same time.

Maybe you are lured to flaunt long loose waves or simply want your ponytail a little more voluminous, seamless hair extensions that can help you achieve your perfect hair goals. You may try any of the above-mentioned tips to get the hair of your dreams. If you are looking for seamless hair extensions to transform your look, Tirumala Hair is the best option. You can choose from a wide variety of premium quality clip-in natural hair extensions that have been procured from Indian temples and are completely free from chemicals.

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