All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Looking for a new look with your thin, dull and drab hair? Hair extensions can be the perfect game changer. If you have never tried these amazing accessories, it might be slightly difficult at the beginning. From permanent to temporary extensions, there are plenty of choices. Cheap human hair extensions are easily available online. Browse through websites and you are likely to find the perfect match. Need help? We are here with the perfect guide to hair extensions. Take a look and make a confident choice.

Types of Hair Extensions

Before you choose hair extensions, it is important to determine whether you want real human hair extensions or synthetic ones. Depending on the quality of hair you select, its longevity and versatility are determined. Since extensions are supposed to complement your real hair and enhance the look, it must match your hair type.

Best Quality Hair Extension

To create the most natural look, Remy human hair is considered the ideal choice. It is the best quality of human hair extension available in the market. It is often used for wigs and hairpieces that blend perfectly with real hair. It remains soft, shiny and tangle-free for longer and can be frequently washed. Remy hair extensions are quite similar to natural hair and can be subjected to dying, coloring and styling with straighteners and hot iron curlers. 

All about Synthetic Extensions

Just as its name suggests, these extensions are made with acrylic, polyester or plastic. These can be customized into any shade and style. Thanks to technology, some of it looks so real, it can easily beat the natural ones. However, it is prone to damage. It loses its shine and beauty when exposed to styling tools and sunlight. These are perfect for occasions when you need a ready to wear hair extension and do not wish to waste time on styling.  

A leading Indian hair company, Tirumala Hair, offers the finest quality Remy hair at affordable rates. We use 100% natural hair to create shiny, smooth and dense locks that you’ll fall in love with. Styled in different ways, extensions at Tirumala Hair are made with cutting edge technology. Pick cheap human hair extensions from our wide collection and transform your look in minutes.

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