Get Long-Lasting, Gorgeous Curls with Wavy Hair Extensions.

Get Long-Lasting, Gorgeous Curls with Wavy Hair Extensions.

How To Achieve Longer-Lasting Curls With Wavy Hair Extensions

Did you know that curly hair extensions can transform your entire look? Hair extensions come in various sizes and textures and curly extensions are versatile, allowing you to create all kinds of different looks. You can either buy beachy waves hair extensions or you can use curlers to curl your extensions. Just make sure you get human hair extensions that give a natural look and are long-lasting. 

Here are some of the best ways to maintain curly hair with hair extensions.

Shampoo and Conditioner- Whenever you shower, try to cover your head with a shower cap to protect your hair extensions. You just need to shampoo and condition your curly or wavy hair extensions twice a week. But make sure you remove the extensions from your head before washing them. 

Too much washing hair may make your curls frizzy and look rough. Most importantly, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner which are specially made for hair extensions. Always use moisturizing shampoo for your hair extensions to keep your curls in a beautiful texture. Also, keep in mind to comb the hair with the conditioner to easily remove tangles. 

Blow Drying - Try to avoid blow dryers to protect the curly hair extensions from heat. Always go for normal air drying and towel drying with any type of hair extensions. If you have to use a blow dryer, you need to make sure the extension is made of natural human hair or not. Synthetic hair extensions should never be exposed to heat. However, human hair extensions can withstand blow drying. 

Quality Heat Curling Tools- It is hard to maintain curly hair with or without hair extensions. This is why certain styling tools are always helpful. With the use of the best quality curling tools, you can give your natural hair as well as hair extension curly look easily. Just remember to use human hair extensions and not synthetic ones. 

Cool Down Your Curls- After using a curling tool, you need to allow your hair extensions and your hair to cool down. Do not try to style your hair in any way when the hair is hot. It may lead to breakage and hair damage. One of the best pieces of advice is to talk to a hairstylist before you use a hair styling tool on your own. 

Hair Finishing Spray- Using finishing spray or curl-holding spray can keep your curls intact and reduce frizz. You can style your hair with wavy or curly hair extensions in any way you like. But curls and waves tend to change shape and make your entire hairstyle look messy. So if you want to know how to make your curls last longer, get a hair-setting spray or curl-holding spray.  

Tie Your Hair Up - The friction between your hair and your pillow results in frizz, hair breakage, and split ends. To avoid this make sure you tie your hair when you go to bed. If you are using hair extensions, make sure to remove them before you sleep. That way you can keep your curls smooth and tangle-free. If you have to sleep with your hair extensions on, sleep in a braid as it works double duty for wavy and curly extensions—keeping the shape intact.

Additional Tips On How To Make Curly Hair Last Longer

  • Avoid using products with silicones as those can cause build-up and weigh down your curly hair. If you need to use them, make sure that the product has water-soluble silicones.
  • Use a diffuser with a medium heat setting to define your curls without using much heat. A diffuser will not over dry your curls and you can easily style them without damaging them. , 
  • Use a good quality hair serum to battle humidity. Serums keep your curls smooth and tangle-free for longer.
  • Always brush out the extensions so that no tangles or knots remain in the hair. This will also prevent breakage and ensure that your curly extensions remain in good condition.
  • Whenever curling your hair extensions divide your extensions into sections and begin curling each section one by one. Make sure that you do not leave the strands on for too long with curling tools.
  • For the final finishing touch, spray the hair extensions lightly with hairspray before moving on to the next one.  
  • Choose Remy hair extensions as they guarantee you natural human hair. Synthetic hair extensions cannot be styled with heat like a human hair extension. Plus synthetic hair extensions do not give that natural finish or texture and may make your hair look unnatural. 

Where Should You Find Virgin And Remy Hair Extensions From?

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