Maintain Your Hair Extension In This Monsoon With 5 Expert Tips

Maintain Your Hair Extension In This Monsoon With 5 Expert Tips

Snuggling in cozy blankets while having hot chocolate in hand would be the absolute dream comes true of any monsoon morning. But the same season can have a devastating effect on the hair.

The most important tip that one must remember while taking care of professional hair extensions is the continuity of proper maintenance. Surprises with seasonal changes compel one to change their extension maintenance routine accordingly. To keep your hair extension in the best condition, look for these maintenance tips during this monsoon weather.

  • Minimize Hair Washing

During the monsoon season, using shampoo daily would remove the shine from your hair extension. It can cause the extension to dry out quickly. All the treatments that you do would be in vain. If you can increase the time between your first wash and the next wash, it would be beneficial for your extension.

  • Take The Help Of Oil Therapy

When the monsoon weather takes a toll on the quality of the hair, it is crucial to use oil therapy. The oil-based treatment helps to replenish moisture while keeping the extension healthy. It also helps to revive damaged and dry hair rapidly. The help of lightweight leave-in products consisting of argan oil would enrich the quality of the hair. If you can continue the routine regularly, it helps to safeguard your extension while restoring proper hydration.

  • Say Bye To Styling Appliances

Avoidance of heat-styling appliances like blow dryers, curlers, and straighteners can damage the extension while leaving the ends brittle. If you can limit the exposure of the weave hair extensions to the styling equipment, you can elongate the longevity of the extension. The application of heat protectant serum would rather help to keep your extension of the best quality.

But if you choose hairstyles like twists, updos, and braids, you must avoid heat-styling appliances.

  • Indulge In Deep Conditioning Weekly

Moisturizing your hair extension would keep the quality of the Remy human hair top-class. During the monsoon, it would be beneficial to use a leave-in conditioner to replace the moisture and protect the hair. The cold air outside and the indoor warm air can create a devastating outcome for your hair. The leave-in conditioner helps to keep the hair moist and shield it against any damage.

  • Avoid Wet Extensions

During the monsoon season, it becomes crucial to avoid your wet extensions. Especially if you want to increase the longevity of your extension, you must immediately discard the practice of using wet-hair extensions. Wearing a wet-hair extension can cause further damage to your extensions and dampen them from the root. Hence it is extremely crucial to dry your extensions naturally before you can use them for the second time

Hats and scarf can do wonders

Wherever you go outdoors during the monsoon season, it is crucial to cover your hair with a hat. The monsoon weather can rob away all the best elements from your Indian hair extensions while leaving your extensions dry and fizzy. It can cause the extensions to break. Therefore to avoid the fizz, one must use hats lined with satin or silk materials. Even when you use a scarf make sure you choose a silk or satin scarf to minimize the friction on the hair. It can prevent the extension from further damage.

Wrapping Up 

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