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Full Lace Wig Vendors

Elevate the joy of hairstyling with our exquisitely -curated wigs. Choose from the many colours and lengths available! Sit back and relax while we curate the perfect wig with healthy natural hair. Get your wig now delivered to your doorstep with just one click!

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Tirumala Hair is one of the leading wig vendors in the hair extension industry. Our decade-long journey has made us one of the most sought-after human hair vendors worldwide.

When It Comes To Wigs: What Makes Us Different Others?

Tirumala Hair takes immense pride in the quality of hair we use in making various hair extensions ranging from wigs to hair bundles. What makes us stand out from others in this industry are -

  • 1 Source - Being one the premium wholesale wig vendors, we source all our hair from the temples of south India
  • 2 Quality - We use natural hair for all our products. The Remy hair and virgin remy hair for each wig is made of top-quality hair. The temples of South India being the primary source of the virgin remy hair ensures that the wigs made are of the best quality.
  • Tirumala Hair is one of the leading wholesale virgin hair vendors and virgin remy hair vendors . Using virgin hair makes our wigs seamless in volume and lustre.

  • 3 Expert Team - As a leading whole wig vendor, we understand all the nuances of virgin Remy hair wigs and are always happy to help you.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Exquisite Wigs

Apart from adding volume to your hair, wigs also allow you to style your hair in various ways. Being one the best wholesale wig vendors, we offer many different types of wig options for you to choose from. We here at Tirumala Hair use virgin remy hair that is not chemically processed. This virgin remy hair allows the user to heat, perm and colour the wig, further enhancing the look. The source of our hair is the temples of South India; the hair sourced here is strong, voluminous and long, making it an added advantage to the look.

Types of Wigs We Offer

All our products have natural hair sourced from the temples of South India. The various types of wigs that we offer are -

Based on Lace -

  • 1 Swiss Lace - This is a high-quality lace used to make wigs; they have a beige tint and can be coloured based on the wearer's scalp.
  • 2 HD Lace - This fabric is more transparent than Swiss lace and is very thin to feel.

Based On Texture -

  • 1 Wavy Wigs - Based out of India, Tirumala Hair is one the best wig vendors with a steady supply of raw hair. This makes our wavy wigs look as natural as possible.
  • 2 Curly Wigs - This wig is a little complicated to maintain, but the volume it provides makes the caring process worth it.
  • 3 Straight Wigs - These wigs are the most popular out there. As wholesale wig vendors, we take great care in ensuring the hair is not damaged while straightening.

Based On Closure -

  • 1 Closure Wigs - These wigs cover the entirety of the head. Closure wigs add shine and volume to your hairstyle.
  • 2 Frontal Wigs - Frontal Wigs help you add volume and texture to the frontal part of the head.

All the wigs are available in various colours and lengths, making us the best wholesale wig vendors.

Where Can I Buy the Best Wigs?

Tirumala Hair is the best place to buy wigs. We have decades of experience in the hair extension business and are pioneers in various products.

Why Choose Tirumala Hair As Your Wig Vendor?

Here is why Tirumala Hair should be your wig vendor -

  • 1 Top Quality Natural Hair.
  • 2 Decades of experience in this field make us the best wholesale wig vendor.
  • 3 Diverse Options to choose from.
  • 4 Tirumala Hair is based out of India and sources hair from the Southern part of India, where the hair is long, healthy and voluminous.


One needs to ensure the quality of the wig is delivered as promised across all the factors like the type of hair, shine, volume, colour, lace, and closure.

As a wholesale wigs vendors, you can always reach us with your queries at info@tirumalahair.com.

Wash your wig with shampoo twice a year. You can also wash your wig with lukewarm water every other month. Using a hair conditioner while cleaning the wigs is recommended.

We can customise wholesale orders as opposed to single-product orders.

It takes around 8-10 days to dispatch wigs, which might reach you 3-5 days after the dispatch date.

We accept online payments like UPI, Razor Pay, and PayPal. We also accept credit cards as a mode of payment.

You can always contact us at info@tirumalahair.com.