Human Hair Bundles

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Human Hair Bundles

Remy Hair Bundles to enhance your hair style with ease and grace. With a diverse range of colours to choose from, check out our collection of hair bundles available in different lengths for your perfect fashion statement and an exquisite hairstyle.

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Tirumala Hair is one of the best hair extension vendors in the market. We here at Tirumala Hair take pride in our top-notch human hair bundle. Apart from manufacturing raw hair extensions, we are among the best in producing the perfect virgin remy hair extensions.

Tirumala Hair has over a decade of experience in the hair extension industry and has mastered the art of curating premium quality human hair bundles and various hair extensions. We at Tirumala Hair use virgin remy hair for all our products, due to which our quality remains consistent throughout all our products.

Find the Perfect Bundles Hair: Tirumala Hair, Leading Hair Extensions Manufacturers

A premium bundles hair set has the best quality hair, and we here at Tirumala Hair use Remy virgin and raw hair to curate the best bundles of hair.

We source our hair from the south of India, which makes us one of the best bundles hair vendors in the market. Tirumala Hair sources all its virgin remy hair from India, the hair sourced from here is of superior quality due to the weather conditions of India.The hair we collect is from the temples of South Of India, meaning our bundles are voluminous with the least breakages and degradations.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Exquisite Wigs Curated By Tirumala Hair

Our exquisitely curated wigs and bundles of hair will make your hairstyle even more gorgeous. You can always choose from a wide range of colours from our wigs and hair bundles collection, enhancing your look to a new level. As bundles hair vendors, we also offer extensions in various lengths.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Bundles Hair Vendors

Choosing hair bundles can be a daunting task. From choosing the right quality to the right length, here are a few factors that you should consider while selecting the correct bundles hair vendors -

  • 1 Source - The source of hair is vital in establishing the type of extension or hair bundle one can use. Our products are made of natural hair collected from the temples of south India. The weather here is humid which makes the hair collected here very strong and lustrous.
  • 2 Texture - The hair from India is available in two textures, namely, wavy and straight. Indian hair is lustrous, has strong keratin tips and is less prone to breakage.
  • 3 Quality - We take pride in using natural hair for all our wigs and bundles.This allows you to get the best quality hair for all your hairstyles.

Types of Hair Bundles We Offer

We offer three main types of hair bundles based on their texture.

  • 1 Straight Hair Bundles - These are made of Remy virgin hair and are available in various lengths and colours
  • 2 Curly Hair Bundles - Made of Remy virgin hair, these premium-looking hair bundles come in various lengths. The colour options available, too, are diverse.
  • 3 Wavy Hair Bundles - The wavy texture is the most natural-looking hair bundle in the market. These bundles, too, are available in varied lengths and colours.

Where Can I Buy the Best Bundles of Hair in India?

Tirumala Hair is India's leading hair bundle manufacturer, with many of the best bundles hair to choose from. We at Tirumala Hair provide three types of hair bundles with various colour options and lengths.

Why Tirumala Hair for Human Hair Bundles?

There are many reasons to choose Tirumala Hair for your next human hair bundles, but a few significant factors include -

  • 1 Experience - Tirumala Hair has decades of experience in this industry, making us the leader in various products.
  • 2 Uncompromising Quality - We always choose the best materials for all our products.
  • 3 Source - We source from the best raw hair vendors and use only natural hair for all our products.
  • 4 Choices - Our customers have the most options in terms of colours and lengths.
  • 5 Dedicated Team - Our dedicated team makes your hair bundle shopping seamless, from our hair collectors to after-sales experts.


Best quality hair bundles have healthy hair, good colour, texture and one-way flow.

The right hair bundle vendor will always have answers to all your questions and is someone who uses top-quality hair extensions. You can further experiment with different products to check if the product you want is made of virgin remy hair. It is important to understand the source of the products.

For a full-head installation, you will need around 100 -150 grams of hair. You might need 1-2 hair bundles.

Yes, you can. We recommend you use it up to three times after sewn.

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